A speaker at a mentorship event addressing a group of members.
Hero image of members of the mentor program

Career Growth & Professional Development

Learning is one of our H&H key success factors. We have a goal of 25 hours of training per year per career team member – a goal we often exceed. Last year, 88 percent of H&H team members participated in at least one training class or activity to help them improve their skills.

Training & Development at UCLA

Team members benefit from numerous learning opportunities made available by H&H. For a full list of programs, please visit the H&H Training & Development website.

For a full list of campus-wide training and development programs, please visit the UCLA Campus Human Resources page for more Training & Development resources and opportunities.

Volunteering Opportunities in the Community

Help give back to the community and join other UCLA employees in reading to children or volunteering at the L.A. food bank. Visit the Training & Development website for more information about these opportunities.