Group of mentors and mentees chatting about the program
Hero image of members of the mentor program

On behalf of H&H, we are delighted to invite your participation as a mentor for the 2024-2025 H&H Mentoring Program. Ideal mentors have a noticeable interest in professional development and helping fellow team members at H&H plant seeds of personal and professional growth. Being a mentor is an important time commitment that will last for nine months with an overall time commitment of approximately 65 hours (including a three-day, 2-night on-site retreat at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge). With this in mind, please carefully review the schedule to better understand the time commitment involved.

Our mentoring program is heavily based on relationship-driven learning. As such, one of the key components of the program is the mentee-mentor pairing process. To ensure the highest quality, the pairing process takes place after mentees have been accepted into the program. At that time, our team reviews our mentor interest list and determines the pair based on mentee’s desired goals, areas of skill development, and/or personal interest.

If you are excited about planting the seeds of growth and are interested in committing to this eight month professional development journey with us, please complete the form below and we will be in contact!