Back row (L-R) Esteban Rodriguez, Rea Andaya, Ana Castro, Christopher Bower, and Carol Hung (coordinator) Front row (L-R) Hector Velasquez, Youssef Abdelmaleck, Samuel Dorham, Leslye Montgomery, Jose Arechiga, and Robert Witkoski
Hero image of members of the mentor program

We are proud to announce the UCLA H&H Mentoring Program’s Class of 2023 and their Mentors!

Youssef Abdelmalek

Mentor: William Herrera

Rea Amor Andaya

Mentor: Peter Leichner

Jose Arechiga

Mentor: Regis Mesko

Christopher Bower

Mentor: Rebecca Kendall

Ana Castro

Mentor: Luis Martinez

Samuel Dorham

Mentor: Cecil Rucker

Leslye Montgomery

Mentor: Constantine Maureas

Esteban Rodriguez

Mentor: Michael Chang

Victor Velasco

Mentor: Steve Clifton

Hector Velazquez

Mentor: Jeff Prondzinski

Robert Witkoski

Mentor: Tina Chen