Black and white photo of a group of mentorship members posing fort the camera with the view of the UCLA campus in the background. Photo appears like it is from 2003.
Hero image of members of the mentor program

We are proud to announce the UCLA H&HS Mentoring Program’s Class of 2003 and their Mentors!

Juan Alvarado

Mentor: Joanne McGill

Javier Ayala

Mentor: Hassan Ghamlouch

Guillermo Farias

Mentor: Jeff Hall

Jose Lara

Mentor: Jan Gonzales

Norberto Llamas

Mentor: Luis Martinez

Monique McClendon

Mentor: Samantha Chan

Christopher McMath

Mentor: Ken MacKenzie

Sylvia Perez

Mentor: Joanne Williams

Mila Priadilnikova

Mentor: Regis Mesko

Tonia Ridgeway, Rachel Guerra

Mentor: Dan Les