Large group of members of the program posing in front of the lodge in a group photo.
Hero image of members of the mentor program

We are proud to announce the UCLA H&H Mentoring Program’s Class of 2020 and their Mentors!

Oscar Canela

Mentor: Gayle Sanford

Christophe Chang

Mentor: Luis Martinez

Charlie Chavez

Mentor: James Samler

Edwin Cobian

Mentor: Richard Bardales

Marisela Contreras

Mentor: Anna Rodrigues

Abraham Cortes

Mentor: William Herrera

Jocelyn Garcia

Mentor: Erin Fabris

Pauline Garcia

Mentor: Gerrie Zvara

Danielle Imperial

Mentor: Ivy McNally

Annie Lim

Mentor: Joanne McGill

Rosa Mata

Mentor: Josh O'Connor

Michelle Miller

Mentor: Joseph Russo